Jay Park Mention 2NE1 di Album Barunya “New Breed”

Published 28/12/2011 by souldrina

Jay Park baru” ini telah merilis album terbarunya

Di album “New Breed” terdapat 5 lagu ,disalah satu lagu yang berjudul Enjoy The Show (feat. Dok2 & The Quiett) terdapat satu lirik yg menyebutkan 2NE1 I’m The Best.

Ini audio nya ~

Dan ini liriknya~

They be like ugh Jay Park
Man why u go and do that
I’m back muhfucka, this is me checking in
My flow, that is so cool is like a fan
It makes everyone on stage excited, this my MUSIK
For a while my head and my mind weren’t intertwined correctly, a genius who’s a fool
Turned nothing to something
Now nobody can touch me
I was singing next to the toilet
Park Jae Beom comes up when we think about beautiful girls
So fly, call me a pilot
Even if a day is a mess like everyday car accidents
It’s a normal day for me
I drive pretty hot, Dugati motorcycle
I’ve got the flow so I’ve got to go
Out from this captured world
I’m Park Jae Beom, I am hiphop
I was out for a bit but
Now I’m back to the rock the trone

No one can do it like me, yeah
Not like me, yeah
Not like me, yeah

So sit back relax and enjoy the show
Enjoy the show, enjoy the show, enjoy the show
Sit back relax and enjoy the show

It’s the Q U. I. double T
I rise like the morning sun while you grow dark
In this race, I’m the rabbit and you’re the turtle
Victory welcomes me, in a holy way
You just clap your hands back there
Or cry while listening
Like the show, “I Am a Singer”
Haha, I spend big dough like a joke
But everyday is pay day
I make again the next day, yeah
Kids say they’re sick of talking about money
Yeah, I’m sick of it too, counting it
Stop haters, go ladies
AOM& ILLIONAIRE, we all swaggin
Asians, Arabs, African Americans, Caucasians
All of them can’t help to feel my rappin
Yo man, no matter how you try
It’s impossible to become like me

No one can do it like me, yeah
Not like me, yeah
Not like me, yeah

So sit back relax and enjoy the show
Enjoy the show, enjoy the show, enjoy the show
Sit back relax and enjoy the show

My rap shakes this place up
It’s like hotpack, heating this place up
Everyone’s trying to come closer to the front
From cameras, iphones to ipads
Everything focuses to my stage
God damn, I look fly on the stage with these spotlights
Rapstar motha fucka this is my life
Not like someone who’s all over the place
I can win over everyone by just rapping
My age is 2ne1, I’m the best
Oh no, I’m 22, but I’m still the best
Like my c two hunnit on the s mode
We might be on the same school but different class tho
My rap’s belt is Damier Louis
Tell me if there’s anyone who does it like me around you
I’m here baby forever

No one can do it like me, yeah
Not like me, yeah
Not like me, yeah

So sit back relax and enjoy the show
Enjoy the show, enjoy the show, enjoy the show
Sit back relax and enjoy the show

I said here I am with the futuristic flow
My enemies are like staircases
I step on you to go to the top with my skills
I, who doesn’t realize reality, is better than you guys
It’s wack right now, time to weed out musicians
Like food passed its expiration date
For the sake of the Music industry
You guys all back off, better get behind
Me Imma muhfuckin ustoppable phenom
I’m polite but sleazy
My t-shirts are a little big on me
Got too much heart man
My heart is about to burst
Get rid of the useless, I’ll dust them out
I’m the lion of this jungle, who prey on the preys
Be careful, I’ll bite if you come close
Yeah ask, I’m a monster
I only do one-shots with alcohols
Dumb people who are fake
In a windy place, I hope your candles blow off

source: GotRiceNeedChopstick @yt,popgasa.com


44 comments on “Jay Park Mention 2NE1 di Album Barunya “New Breed”

  • Mantep nih kyknya lagu yg ini. jay park masuk YG bisa kali ya.kkkk
    lagu terinspirasi love lifenya 7star,nah skarang nyebut2 2ne1 di lagunya.masuk YG aja bang..

  • New member of YG family detected nih hueheheheheheheheh

    ni fanboy yaaa bener2 . .kyknya selain blackjack, dy juga YG stand! fighting ya bang! sangat berharap bang jay bisa masuk yg, tapi masih berharap kembali ke 2pm, tapi gapapa juga di sidus HQ deh hehehe

  • AAAAAA bener2 suka lagu ini, terutama 2.26 ( 2ne1 naega jeil jal naga ) , kayanya emang bener2 fanboy banget dhe ini jaypark hehehehe..

  • Udahlah bang, daripada cm nunjukin kekagumanmu lewat lirik,
    langsung aja lakuin syarat jd pacar 2NE1:
    1) tes style ke stylist YG
    2) lulus tes kesehatan
    3) interview ma YG namja
    4) minta restu Papa YG
    GOOD LUCK!!! 😀

    • hahahahaa ya ampun sampe ngakak baca komennya chingu…
      iya bner jg ya

      jay park mah blackjack sejati,, fanboy no.1
      hbs tiap kali ditanya, favorit nya selalu 2ne1 dari jaman dulu

    • ini syarat yg prnh di bilang bom kn…

      yang paling berat tuh no.3 sm no.4 …

      no.3 — interviewnya berlapis lapis.. wkwkwkwk,,
      no.4 –> ini mah jgn ditanya,, kudu puasa sebulan penuh ni si jay baru dpt ilham gimana crnya dpt restu dr papa YG.. hohoho…

      jay,, hwaiting!!!

  • mudah2an jay park nanti bs masuk jd anggota YG ya…
    pengen bgt ngeliat jay duet sm taeyang

    apalg jay park kan temenan jg tuh sm taeyang, minzy sm bom jg
    orang pada follow2an gitu di twitter dan srg ngobrol jg

  • jay kyknya bner2 jatuh cinta nih sama minzy & CL (klo ga salah jay jg ngefans kan) ???
    keren lah,,,udah bikkin duet lah sama mreka berdua, dr suara & dance sama2 keren…

  • udah bang Jay.. aye restuin kok masuk YG…. penasaran aye kalo Jay park duet ama Taeyang/GD .-.

  • huaaaah, dasar yah lirik lau rapper itu emang bingung, aku ga ngerti bhasanya, bhasa negro amerika gitu. tapi tapi, kereeeeen ^^
    itu berarti dia menganggap 2NE1 emang THE BEST dong yah??? hahaha 😀 😀

  • buahahahahaha xD cie banget iiiiiiiihhhh.
    tapi Minzy punyanya mas Daesung, CL punyanya bang Seungri (DaeMin, RiRin shipper detected) LOL :p

    udah, masuk aja langsung ke YG Ent. jd di YG makin lebih banyak artis2 keren! hahahaha

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