76 comments on “Girls’ Generation releases full PV for “Time Machine”

  • gw sih emang ga tu artinya…tp cukup berasa sedih dgn msuiknya + mv nya…
    sepertinya mereka meminta time machine agar dapat mengulang waktu.. hehhehe sotoy..

    fany bener2 kyk gadis jepang & hyoyeon kayak bule…

    • uda liat PV nya tambah penjelasan karakter dr @maraa tambah sedih..apalagi yg yoona tuh bikin termehek2ㅠ.ㅠyg yuri knp mirip aku?aigoo jd melow deh satu harian..pengen bgt ni PV dibuat full version kaya before u go nya tvxq..pasti tambah mewek liatnyaㅠ.ㅠaigooooooo!! I NEED A TIME MACHINE ㅠ.ㅠ

    • btw ini ada translation dari cerita PVnya..

      Sitting in the back seat of a luxury car. It is the end of the relationship. She knows of this.

      But in order to connect with her busy boyfriend who holds everything in building his own company, she overreaches herself a little.

      Even now, the his car comes around to meet her. When that happens, she musn’t regret it. However, it is only her riding in that car.

      He is not next to her. She is tired of overreaching herself. She doesn’t need expensive clothes and bags.

      She wants to return to her real self. You can see a little hope in that sad face.

      Yoona has an upcoming wedding ceremony. But, feelings of an ex-boyfriend has always been lying somewhere in her heart.

      Yoona is running. It doesn’t matter what her ex-boyfriend is doing now. She runs thinking if there is a chance to go back to the old times.

      Instead of the congratulatory rice shower, it is like the snow is blessing the new Yoona.

      She tries to go back to him. No matter how it ends up.

      Right now, the relationship with him has ended. She runs out of the store, the tears of rain fall.

      There wasn’t suppose to be any regrets. When they broke up, she put on a strong facade and dressed in a black set up.

      In front of car’s headlight, it makes the rain sparkle and makes Sunny’s clothes shine.

      To hide the tears, it rains. After a long bout of crying, Sunny walks forward.

      There is a slight flow of hope in her expression.

      The sun shines through the window. Right now Taeyeon is happy. However, inadvertently thinking of the past, she thinks of a past boyfriend.

      In that contented life, just thinking about it causes her chest to tighten.

      It was fun when they were going out. Just the smallest mistake and they went their separate ways.

      She often thinks about what would have happened if they continued to be together.

      For sure, right now, she is happy. But what if it was a different kind of happiness.

      On the streets of London. The street lights line up. Hyoyeon is wearing leather. She is waiting for her ex-boyfriend.

      But she doesn’t know if he’ll come. She arbitrary told him she wanted to meet him.

      If she was able to go back in time, she would call him desperately. Hyoyeon looks at the time, but he doesn’t come.

      The men’s size antique Rolex she received from her grandfather is a little big for her wrist.

      Only time passes. Finally stopping looking at her watch, she looks to the sky. The light of the evening street lamps lights her face.

      In the middle of a mansion, Seohyun is in a all white room.

      In the middle of a gentle white room, she wears all white clothes and wears a corsage on top her head. Her parents doesn’t like her going out.

      She knows that. She is what you might call a boxed in daughter.

      Many years ago, she had a person she loved. That boy went far away.

      If she was able to go back, she would want to tell of her unrequited love to him. If she was able to confess; that is the dream she is living in right now.

      But, building up courage, she runs out. To him.

      Staying at a hotel. She is staying in a slightly classic type of room. Sooyoung is a careerwoman.

      The hotel is in a country she is visiting for work. The provided telephone is not the type you usually see anymore.

      The person who calls is him. While talking they quarrel. When did it become like that?

      Even in that busyness, she knows they cross paths. Thinking of it now, it also has become something not like this.

      She doesn’t want to show her crying face over the phone. Sooyeon speaks of breaking up.

      After a few minutes of silence, the two laugh. They both laugh off their stubborness.

      Tiffany strolls through the park. She cannot voice out and cry at home.

      When that happens, this park is the perfect place. Nobody will call her foolish and she is able to cry.

      After joining the company, she went out with a fellow co-worker repeatedly.

      Talk of getting married was spoken, but one day he wanted to break up with her suddenly.

      Even after many months passed, she still doesn’t know the reason. If they can’t go back, she wants to ask why. “Is it my fault?”

      If she knew why (tie up loose ends), she would be able to move forward.

      At home, she grips her cell phone. She patiently waits for the sound of a message notification.

      The phone does not ring. To distract herself from the loneliness, she has a party with friends.

      When her friends go home, the loneliness comes back.

      In reality, she already realizes that it ended somewhere. On the other hand, she still hopes to continue on with him.

      The hand that grips the cell phone becomes tighter.

      cr: ninja fen

    • sedih ya kalo nonton PV sambil baca ceritanya T_____T
      my kids tumben banget kalian ga sarap kali ini XD
      bisa juga ya semua akting sedih, bangga :”)

    • wah ada translate Inggrisnya 😀

      iya Un sedih banget 😦

      mana aktingnya pada bagus bagus, beneran sedih liat MV ini, dapet bgd feelnya. 😦

  • akhirnya ada pv~~ lagu favorit saya di album japan mereka. tapi saya kirain ada storyline, ternyata tidak 😮 sedikit tidak ngedong sama alurnya tapi tetep perfect! pada bening-bening semua *O*

  • gila aja ni PV, keren abissss….
    tp kasian yoong syuting pas cuacax -1 dingin bgt itu mengigil…
    pany yeppota, dri tdi q melting lht wajah pany, blue bener dah wajah tu mah…
    bruntung bener org2 yg ketemu pany pas pembuatan PV ni di yoyogi…

  • jess, q bntuin lap air matamu ya? aq g tahan nngeliatx jatuh, walo setetes j *plak
    sunny, knp ujan2’n?? ntr sakit loh..
    Sooyoung, mksh dah mw angkat telp.q 🙂

    wah, suka liat MV x.. palagi modelx, mkn cantik j ni noona2 q.. .. klo lgux, g ush d tx.. dr dlu jg aq dah sk bgt..
    daebakk lh..

    • ooo.. jd elo yg nelpon ching..? ngapain elo buat my kids nangis gt..? *asah golok*

    • sabar chingu, jgn berburuk sangka dulu.. aq cmn ngelurusin slh paham d antara qmi berdua ja, hahahaha
      #wkwkwkwkaburr, sblm dikroyok sooyoungster..

  • @ Unnie Blossom, gomawo link karakternya. Aku coba artiin ya, mian kalo salah. Cuma bisa sedikit soalnya ^^.
    P.S : ini artian secara inti sih, bukan secara mendetail. Kalo ada yg lebih expert, mohon bantuannya *bowing*

    Karakternya mulai dari biasku 😀 Hyoyeon

    Hyoyeon : Jalanan di London, Hyoyeon pake jaket kulit menunggu dia (cowok) putus., tapi si cowok gag dateng (gag jadi putus donk :D). Hyoyeon melihat jam. Jam yang dikasih sama kakeknya, terlihat lebih besar di tangannya (jam laki laki gitu). Dia berhenti melihat jam dan melihat ke langit, penerangan jalan menerangi wajahnya.

    Seohyun : Di rumah yang besar ada Seohyun di kamar yang putih (scene ini ngingetin aku ama Just A Dream nya Carrie Underwood). Memakai baju putih di kamar yang putih. Pake korsase juga. Dia terlihat seperti putri. Beberapa taun lalu, ada seorang pria yang dia suka, tapi dia udah pergi. Kalo saja bisa kembali ke masa lalu, dia mau mengatakan cintanya yang tidak berbalas. (mungkin sama sama suka, tapi pada malu malu gajah gitu mau bilang).

    sekian terjemahan dari aku, mian kalo salah, ntar aku lanjutin lagi, mau kuliah dulu 😦

  • adeeeeemmmm bgt kliatane cuacane pas syuting…brrr..

    tp lagu favorit.q dibt MV aja aq udah triak2 kesenengan…thank you SM

  • Penasaran gila pengen liat ni pv, ktanya ni pv ajib sangat + sedih gila,tp apa daya trouble yg sdng menggerogoti hp q menbuat q tak bdrdaya *preet*,tp serius q jd bener2 sedih krna ga bsa liat ni pv! Hua hue huo ;-(

  • Good Song, Good MV, Good everything 🙂

    SNSD daebak!!

    btw kasian Yoona unnie gk dingin ya unn, lari2 pke gaun pas lgi salju lgi 🙂

    pda cantik2 semua’y 😀

  • aigoooo,……. merinding banget dari awal sampai akhir. Semuanya cantik maksimal. Aktingnya keren banget semuanya. Konsepnya, latarnya, kostumnya, make upnya, pembagiannya, pengambilan gambarnya, ceritanya, semuanya keren banget. TTTTT_________TTTT.
    Haruskanh aku komen suaranya juga? Kombinasi suara yg paling daebak,… aku suka banget. Dari awal, kombinasi suara mereka itu jenius. TT_TTT. Kombinasi suara yg paling aku suka…

    Taenysicaseosunnyyulyoonhyosooyoung,.. kalian semua daebak!!!
    Makasih banget sama PV-nya,….


  • lagunya enak…
    pv nya juga keren…
    semuanya cantik
    dan biasku tercinta TIFFANY….oh no…your so amazing girl…
    tambah lama fany tambah cantik,.dan entah kenapa merasa dilagu ini melekat ke fany (jadi ingat kisah hidupnya)
    tapi all keren banget…

  • ini niy… mv ato pv yang udah lama di tggu sone sejak lama,,,
    yg nggak cuma dance ja (malah gx da dance nya ni).. tpi ada story nya,.. malah story nya ngena banget,,,

    SM mesti rajin bikin MV ginian…
    jgan kyak mv mr.taxi korea.. (apaan -.-)

    buat how great is your love juga.. ato biar ada storyline yg lucu,.. buat yang lazy girl tu,,,

    di tggu mv-pv yang bgus berikutnya d..

    soshi daebak ^^

  • YA AMPUUUUN…. demi MV ini aku rela lari ke warneeet. gara-gara dirumah mati lampu dari pagi ampe sekarang….langsung capcus download…gilaaaaaaaaaaaa……………….Fany eonnie cantiku buangettttttttttt…bener-bener kebangetan cantiknyaa…aigoo….sampe gak bisa ngomongin pak kata-kata….ak juga suka banget sama aktingnya eonni…kuereeeen….semuanya cuantiiiik…tapi dari itu semua, yang menurutku aktingnya paling bagus..keliatan banet sedihnya itu Yoona sama Fany eonnie…><

  • huwoo tadi pas di sekolah buka yeppopo dari komputer sekolah ngelihat ini, pulang22 aku langsung buru22 download! *maap OOT dikit._.v*
    sediiih banget ya ampun, ngelihat mereka nangis rasanya.. .. haduuh.. TT^TT
    Yoong eonnie, di bawah salju gitu, rasanya gimana ya? btw scene terakhir pas Yoong eonnie lari itu aku mau nangis deh lihat ekspresinya TT^TT
    Fany eonnie!! neomu neomu neomu yeppoo!!!!!!! makin lama makin cantik :”)
    ngomong22 Time Machine tuh lagu kedua favoritku di album Jepang mereka, yg pertama The Great Escape haha *curhat dikit* :p

  • yang masih jadi pikiran oleh gw itu yang bapak-bapak tua alias komedian jepang itu kemana ya?
    kok gak ada dia muncul
    apa dia di kontrak cuma buat teaser aja…
    atau akan ada PV yang kedua atau kelanjutannya gitu..
    mari kita tunggu 🙂

    • gw juga mikir kemana komedian jepangnya
      ya lumayan music videonya dari pada lumanyun
      di tunggu promosinya shojo jidai

  • huaaaa….
    seneng bgt td siang lgsg liat PV nya…
    keren gilaaa…
    soshi bening semua, dan tetep, ppany eomma emang paling cantikk
    soo sonnie juga, taetae eomma juga, semuanya cantiiiikk…
    yooong, kasian kedinginan tuh *pakai payung adegan yoong ama JGS kekekeke

  • mw tx donk..
    tmn q da blg klo Yoona skrg lg sakit, gr2 photo shoot PV tiime machine ini.. dy kn pake gaun pengantin yg tnp lengan, d tengah salju yg trun.. dgn temp.1 derajat.. tu beneran kh ??

    klo iy bner, Get well soon Yoong!!
    tp mdhn g bner, amin

    • “The MV was shoot 40 hours non stop on 28th and 29th . Yoona’s part was shoot with the temparature -1C”

  • Aku suka bgt MV’a
    beda bgt dri MV MV SNSD sebelum2’a,
    semua member bener2 cantik dan wajah mrka buat aku jdi ikutan sedih di MV ini.
    Dan buat Yoona you are goddess n very beautiful ^-^

  • part yoong unnie yang pling aq ska, apalagi part pling akhir, DAEBAKKK……………….
    tapi kasian yoong unnie, syuting pke pkaian kyk gtu dengan cuaca sedingin itu….

    btw, tiffany unnie smkin hari smkin cntik…………….
    smwnya tmbah cantiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik ………………:)

  • waaaaaaaa… akhirnya keluar juga PV-nya
    ini lagu kesukaanku, lagu wajib di playlistku…
    Hyo sama Fany eonnie cantik bgt..
    suka bgt sama suara Jess eonnie disini 😀

  • Sumpahh PV nya bikin aku pingin nangis..!! apalagi pas bagian akhir ekspressi Yoona mau nangis itu bagus banget,,sampe kebawa T_T..
    mereka dibikin sesuai karakternya pas the Boys ini,karismatik sekali..Paling ganteng Hyoyeon awesomee!!
    aaahhh pokoknya semua cantik2 banget..!!!♥♥♥♥

  • keren…
    Aku suka konsep self story nya.. Wlaupn ga ngerti artinya..
    Tp dari karakter yg dbwain mereka brasa sdih bgt..
    Apalg syoo,, pas dtik 5.13 kalo ga salah,, mukanya sdih bgt, jadi pengen peluk,, *cup cup jgn nangis eonnie

    daebak for uri soshi…

  • Sebenarnya ya, kalo yg rajin ngulik MV artis-artis SM, rasa-rasanya pasti tahu kalo konsep MV-nya ga baru-baru amat. Malah berasa, Ya….. pake konsep kayak gini lagi.
    Konsep PV-nya ga jauh beda ma MV Suju – No Others & Shinee – Hello. Bedanya, Soshi dapet versi galau (sesuai mood lagunya juga sih).
    Tapi lumayan lah, paling ga gambarnya diambil ga di indoor doang.
    Cuma penasaran ya, kan pada banyak yg minta MV Soshi ada story line yg bagus. Bisa sih sebenarnya, cuman mungkin ada kelemahan juga. Dengan jumlah member banyak, susah buat bikin MV dengan konsep yg solid dimana member dapet part yg seimbang. Bakal ada yg dapet airtime dikit, bahkan ga ada sama sekali. Contoh, di 2NE1,MV yang bagus menurut gw It Hurts sama Go Away. Di kedua MV itu, main artis-nya CL dan Sandara. Kedua MV tuh keren deh, cuman ga tahu kalo fans Park Bom & Minzy keberatan apa ga karena biasnya ga dominan. Ato yg parah, MV T-ara Cry Cry & Lovey Dovey. Kaga tahu dah kalo ada perang antar para bias. Walopun MV-nya keren banget sih.
    Nah, gimana ceritanya kalo Soshi bikin MV kayak kedua GB itu? Sukur-sukur kayak 2NE1, yg lain masih kebagian jatah tampil. Nah, kalo kayak kasus T-ara? Jadi pribadi, ane sih ga nyalahin SM juga kalo kenapa MV Soshi kok gitu-gitu aja. Susah memang bikin MV dengan story line menarik dengan member banyak, kecuali…. kayak kasus Big Bang, semua lagu di 1 album dibuat MV-nya, jadi masing2 member pasti bisa dapet jatah jadi main actrees di 1 MV. Uwiiiih…. ngarep boleh dong??? kekeke….

    • wah..analisanya chingu bagus…hihihi…
      oh ya agak OOT dikit dari pvnya SNSD yang ini ya..mengenai mv 2ne1 its hurt itu memang yang jadi main castnya adalah sandara,.dan biasku di 2ne1 adalah park bom,.dan aq nggak merasa keberatan kalo maincastnya dara,.karena dara mang jago acting,.dan kalo utk urusan mv mungkin bagiannya bom tidak sebanyak dara atau cl,.jadi buat kami para BLACKJACK,.ce illee..nggak pernah mempermasalahkan siapa yang jadi maincast atau segala macam
      dan untuk SNSD mungkin benar mereka membernya kebanyakan,trus mana ke9 membernya cantik2 semua lagi jadi mungkin sutradaranya bingung mo pilih yang mana utk jadi main castnya…hehehe….

    • sesuju!!!

      bikin album baru. isinya 10 lagu…1 lagu dengan MV dance di studio gitu. terus yang 9 storyline…dapet jatah 1 1 deh tuh..wkwkwk….SONE pasti buahagia buanget…tapi kasihan Soshi…pasti capek banget…T^T

  • Tiffany cantik bgt.
    Yoona daebak dingin2, salju pula pake baju kebuka kayak gitu ga kebayang dinginnya..
    btw, OSCAR ga ad MVny ya ?

  • keren banget! ska ma suara mreka bner2 ditunjukkin di lgu ni 😀 ,hyo dsni jga cantik bnget..rambutnya emang bgusnya digerai,y udh deh sukses y 🙂

  • bgs sumpah ni MV, plg ska sma hyo, ska bgt part’a.
    lbh ska sma part’a yoona, tp hyo keren bgt.
    hyo i love you (?)
    SNSD i love you!!!

  • Krn kemaren2 gk tau arti tuh lagu walaupun tau itu lagu sedih. Nah ini ada subtitle Indo mewek2 deh… T____________T


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