Music Core performances from January 22nd

Published 22/01/2011 by yeppopo

♬ Comeback stage

Seungri – VVIP + What Do You Want

G.NA『I Miss You Already』『Black&White

♬ 1st Solo Debut
Park Jung Min『Not Alone

♬ HOT stage
Dong Bang Shin Ki『Keep Your Head Down
Secret『Shy Boy
Infinite『BTD(Before The Dawn)

♬ Sound-Holic
– Teen Top『Supa Luv
– Hangroo『Witch Girl
– JQT『PeeKaBoo

♬ Volume UP Stage
– DAL★SHABET『Supa Dupa Diva
– Piggy Dolls『TREND
– Joo『Bad Guy
– Popsicle『Love You Till The End

♬ New Song
– Mighty Mouth『Tok Tok』
– Orange Caramel『Still…
– Navi『Well Done』

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