(Video & Trans) Jonghyun CN. BLUE ga tau buah pepaya!

Published 04/10/2010 by yeppopo

Kalian coba liat videonya deh chingu, jadi CN BLUE lagi belajar nama2 buah yang ada di Taiwan, dan ternyata Jonghyun itu ga tau buah pepaya dan baru pertama kali ngeliatnya!

Hmmm… gimana kalo dikasih buah kecapi, salak, nangka, cempedak ya?! hahaha…

Ini Translate-an dari videonya maaf ya ga ditranslate ^^:

CN Blue.
I am JungShin.
I am YongHwa.
I am JongHyun.
I am MinHyuk.
Hello everyone!
Korea’s boyband CN Blue has had a packed schedule for their 5 days 4 nights trip. To help energise them, we have prepared Taiwan’s fruits for them to enjoy. And the 4 members immediately notice the fruits of different and weird shapes and sizes on the table. [MC]
Try eating it directly like that. [YH]
{words on screen – starts playing even before the recording has started.}
This is really the first time we have seen such fruits. ohh.. it looks a little scary.. but I really want to try eating it. [YH]
(JS tries feeding YH) Oh! can it be eaten like that? Directly? [YH]
This is the first time that I have seen papaya. Even though I have heard of it before, this is the first time I have seen it. But isn’t that worms inside? [JH]
Those are not worms. [translator]
What are they? Are they seeds? oh…  [JH]
oh.. we really want to try them.. right now.. [YH]
The 4 members really want to try the fruits on the table. But it is not that easy. Because they have to pass a test first. [MC]
We will now teach you the Chinese names of the fruits. [translator]
Shi4 Jia1 (sugar-apple)
Ba1 Le4
Yang2 Tao3 (star fruit) –> haha.. YH kept saying ya2 tao3..  i think they seemed to have had fun learning the words! ^^ They looked very cute.. haha..
Mu4 Gua1 (papaya)
Feng4 Li2 (Pineapple) –> this is the most LOL moment! The way JS said feng4 li2 with that hand gesture was super funny. and then YH followed him haha.. don’t know why they seemed to find this word the most amusing.. haha
{words on the screen – what a unique way to remember}
Recap of what they learnt..
{words on screen at 2.20 – they have forgotten everything completely?!}
{words on screen – YH has a lot of confidence. Now tries to test the other members.}
Shi4 Jia1 .. oh!. [YH]
WOAH… [eveyone]
Even though all the fruits are delicious, to someone who is eating it for the first time, it might be a little traumatic. So now we will play a small game to see who is the lucky one who will be able to taste the beauty of Taiwan’s fruits. [MC]
{words on screen – playing the 369 game to see who will win. the loser has to take up the challenge of tasting shi4 jia1.}
(YH feeding JS) Open your mouth. [YH]
Is it nice? [YH, JH]
It is very sweet. There isn’t such a fruit in Korea. Today is the first time I have tried it. [JS]
{words on screen pointing at MH – really wants to eat}
Let’s play another round. [YH]
{words on screen – JS lost again.}
{words on screen – JS lost, so he has been assigned to taste yang2 tao3.}
Eat it all at one go. [YH]
The middle part is very hard. [JS]
Is it very sour? [MH]

{words on screen – no matter who lost or won, everyone started eating.}
Very delicious. (JS said it in Chinese) [JS]
Very delicious. (MH said it in Chinese) [MH]
We want to take it with us. [YH]
Recording a promo video:
Hello everyone we are CN Blue. Minami Shineyo (You’re Beautiful) is the best! Must play! [YH] –> YH said play instead of watch.. lol..
watch! [JH] –> JH quickly corrected him.
One more time. [staff]
Hello everyone we are CN Blue. Minami Shineyo (You’re Beautiful) is the best! Must watch! [YH]
watch.. watch.. [other members echo him..]
I am a model for western clothes. [JS]
They have finally finished the shoot. But it is not the end for them, as they have to rush to another location. [MC]
{words on screen: CN Blue’s only fan sign.. Fans crowd up the place.}
It is now raining, but there are still so many people who turned up. We are really thankful. And I am very surprised to see so many people. I am very happy. I hope that we can have an enjoyable time together at the fan sign later. [YH]
A fan sign has let everyone see how popular CN Blue is. But the most surprising thing is yet to come. Because their first showcase has caused the venue to house the most number of people ever so far. And CN Blue did not disappoint the fans. They presented the charm of their live performance. [MC]
{words on screen – CN Blue’s signature songs. Caused the crowd to go High}
CN Blue had a very succesful showcase. And despite it being less than a year since they debuted, they have charmed the whole of Asia. It is not wrong to say that they are the most noted new stars of Hallyu. This has been wan2 quan2 yu2 le4 (“complete entertainment”) reporting. [MC]

Credits: gail7411@youtube
Translated by: christabel88@cnbluestorm
Posted by: christabel88@cnbluestorm

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